Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds

Baked Parmesan Yellow Squash Rounds…an easy and delicious squash recipe requiring just two ingredients: yellow squash and grated Parmesan!

One of my most popular recipes every summer is my Baked Parmesan Zucchini Roundsand this summer has been no exception, as that recipe had enjoyed some viral traffic in recent weeks.

On one hand, it makes me laugh, because that recipe is SO easy (only 2 ingredients!) that it almost doesn’t qualify as a recipe and I almost never posted it. On the other hand, I completely understand how the recipe goes crazy every summer, because not only is it super simple to make, but it’s also completely addictive. It’s seriously my favorite way to eat zucchini. In fact, I can polish off whole pan of Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds in no time flat! But unfortunately, my family loves ’em, too, so I’m typically forced to share. 😉


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Buying a house
Buying a house or property is one of the most exciting financial decisions that you can make. There are many different factors to consider – from getting the right loans to finding the perfect home.

Steps for buying a house :

Finding the perfect home: It’s best to start your search with a fairly clear picture of what you want: Do you want an apartment or a house? Do you need 2 or 4 bedrooms? Do you want to live near the office or your children’s schools? Do you have a preference in residential areas? And the list goes on. If you need assistance, contact trustworthy property agents to help you out.
Budget calculation: choosing the kind of Home Loan that is right for YOU.
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Authentic Pasta Carabonara

Authentic Pasta Carbonara is easy to make, full of bacon flavor, and smothered in a cheesy egg sauce that will make you crave more. 


Pasta carbonara originates in the Rome region of Italy. No one knows the exact story behind the origination of the dish, but we do know where the location where the dish comes from. The word carbonara in Italian has to do with charcoal so many theories of the origin involve coal miners making the dish. However it came to be, the popularity of the dish increased throughout Italy and spread throughout the world after World War II.


The VA loan is a $0 down payment mortgage option available to Veterans, Service Members and select military spouses. VA loans are issued by private lenders and guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The VA Home Loan was created in 1944 by the United States government to help returning service members purchase homes without needing a down payment or excellent credit. This historic benefit program has guaranteed more than 22 million VA loans to help veterans, active duty military members and their families purchase homes or refinance their mortgages.

Today, the VA Mortgage is more important than ever. In recent years, lenders nationwide have tightened their lending requirements in the wake of the housing market collapse, making the VA loan a lifeline for Veterans and active Military homebuyers, many of whom find difficulty when faced with tough credit standards and down payment requirements.

Like all home loans, VA Mortgages have considerable details and information to review. We encourage you to use our website’s educational resources to learn about the specifics of this exclusive home loan benefit. To start your VA Loan, talk with a Home Loan Specialist today.

Regulations and Fees
Although the VA Loan is a federal program, the government generally does not make direct loans to veterans. Instead, private lenders including Veterans United Home Loans finance the loan while the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a guaranty.

This guaranty, which protects the lender against total loss should the buyer default, provides incentive for private lenders to offer loans with better terms.

Loan Limits
In most parts of the country, veterans who qualify for the VA Loan can purchase a home worth up to $484,350 without putting any money down; however, with the 2019 VA Loan Limits, borrowers in high-cost counties may be able to purchase homes far exceeding that amount without a down payment. To find out the VA Loan Limit in your area, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-884-5560 or use our online Loan Limit Calculator.

Funding Fees
The VA Funding Fee goes directly to the VA to ensure the program keeps running for future generations of military homebuyers by removing any additional burdens off tax payers and veterans. The fee varies depending on the borrower’s circumstances and does not apply for veterans with service-connected disabilities. For example, if this is your first time using the VA Home Loan Program, the funding fee is typically 2.15 percent of the purchase price of the home. For subsequent use of your VA Loan benefit, the fee is 3.3 percent.

VA borrowers can roll the funding fee into their overall loan amount. The VA also limits closing costs for veterans and allows sellers to pay most or all of those expenses. Many of our borrowers purchase a home with no money due at closing.

To calculate your VA Funding Fee, use Veterans United Home Loans’ Funding Fee Calculator, or learn more about VA Loan eligibility in our next section.

How To Make the Best Basic Pizza Dough

This recipe for everyday pizza dough is one we’ve worked on together over the years, tweaking something here and adding something there, until finally coming to a consensus. That makes it sound like this recipe might be tricky — it’s not. In fact, keeping it simple was one of our biggest requirements.

This is the dough for your weeknight pizza, and it’s the one that went into The Kitchn Cookbook. It’s easy to make, either over a lazy afternoon at home or to stash in your fridge for later, and it’s super easy to roll out. Top it with sauce and cheese, bake until bubbly, and awesome homemade pizza is yours.

VA Loans to Buy, Refinance, or Improve a Home
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers home loans and grants. These programs help service members, veterans, and surviving spouses buy, refinance, or modify their home. The VA guarantees part of the loan, meaning they will cover a portion of the loan if you default. This allows lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies, to offer you more favorable terms.

Learn if You’re Eligible and How to Apply for a VA Loan
Find out if you qualify for a VA home loan – You must meet the credit and income requirements and get a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
Apply for a VA home loan or housing-related assistance – You can apply online, through your lender, or by mail.
VA Loans for Homebuying and Refinancing
If you’re planning to buy a home, check into the variety of home loans offered by the VA. The most common are VA purchase loans. This type requires no down payment and no private mortgage insurance.
If you have an existing VA home loan, you can apply for an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) to save money with a better interest rate.
VA Loans and Grants for Home Improvements
You can get a VA cash-out refinance loan to get money from your home’s equity. This can help you pay for home improvements, college costs, and more.
If you have a service-connected or age-related disability, you may be eligible for a veteran housing grant. These grants help you modify your home for disabilities related to military service or aging.

Disabled Veteran Housing Assistance
Veterans with certain service-connected or aging-related disabilities can get housing assistance. You may qualify for special housing grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Apply for a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) or a Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant. You can use it to build an adapted home or install ramps, widen doors, or make other modifications to live more independently.
If you qualify for an SAH or SHA grant but are living temporarily in a family member’s home, you may be able to get a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant. It can pay for necessary changes to your relative’s home.
You may be eligible for a Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) grant whether your disability is service-connected or not. This grant provides medically necessary improvements and structural changes to your primary residence.
Homeless Services and Resources
If you’re facing homelessness, these tips can help you prepare for and work through the situation.

If You’re About to Become Homeless
Make sure your state ID or driver’s license is current and available. Shelters and assistance programs may have strict ID requirements.
If possible, store your belongings. Shelters have limits on how much you may bring.
Arrange for your mail to be delivered somewhere or talk to your local post office. Many have special services for people who are homeless. You may be able to get a free P.O. box or receive general delivery service.
Pack a bag for yourself and each member of your family.
Keep important documents and needed medications with you.
Find Housing
Check your state’s human or social services programs for shelter and housing. The types of facilities vary. Research the best options for:
Cost – Most shelters are free, but some may charge a small fee. Most facilities that provide residential drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs charge a fee. Many, however, are low cost, accept Medicaid, or operate on a sliding scale based on your income.
Length of stay – This can vary from a couple of weeks to several months.
Types of services – Some facilities just provide safe shelter for the night, while others are transitional. They provide both housing and support services. They may help you with substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, or job training.
Apply for more permanent public or subsidized housing. Typically, there are long waiting lists for public and subsidized housing. Apply as soon as possible.
Homeless Resources for Special Groups
These resources are geared toward specific audiences:

Homeless Veteran Resources from the VA – Explore opportunities to return to employment and find safe housing, health care, and mental health services.
Call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans hotline at 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838). You can find help 24 hours a day.
Call the National Runaway Safeline at 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929).
Housing programs and street outreach – Find stable, safe housing, education help, survival aid, counseling, crisis intervention, and follow-up support.
People with Mental Illness
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) – Get help if you’re homeless or at risk of homelessness and have a serious mental illness.
Other Types of Help if You’re Homeless
Visit to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply for other types of help. This may include financial assistance, transportation, food, counseling, and more.

If you don’t have medical insurance, you can use HRSA health centers. They give checkups, treatment when you’re sick, pregnancy care, and immunizations for your children.

Housing Help for Older Veterans
Find programs to help older veterans with a wide range of housing needs. This includes in-home care, assisted living, and retirement homes for veterans.

Get help finding housing and care in a variety of residential settings. This includes nursing homes, assisted living, and medical foster homes.
If you need in-home care to help you remain at home, the VA may be able to help. Call the VA Health Care Benefits number at 1-877-222-8387, or contact the VA medical center nearest you.
Another option for some military retirees and other veterans is the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH). The AFRH has two locations: Washington, DC, and Gulfport, MI. Both offer recreation and wellness services including assisted living and skilled care.

The Best Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is a simple and easy go-to lunch around here! A classic chicken salad recipe combines tender chicken with the perfect blend of flavors and add ins.  It’s great served on a bed of lettuce, in a sandwich or rolled up in a tortilla for a delicious meal on the go!

This is a simple classic chicken salad recipe. I add mayonnaise, seasonings, celery (or water chestnuts), green onions and almonds. Water chestnuts add a delicious crunch! I always add a little greek yogurt not only to lighten it up, but it just adds a delicious tangy flavor!

If you’d like, layer up extra toppings like cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes… and build the perfect sandwich with your favorite toppings!


Myths that home prices rise forever and interest rates stay low forever are alive and well in Australia. Please consider this amazing story of corporate insanity as described in the Sunday Telegraph – Revealed: The home loan that could save you a fortune.

ING Direct, Australia’s fifth largest lender, is preparing to sell loans that have no fixed term and no requirement to repay any capital along the way.

At current rates, the interest-only loans would cut repayments on a $300,000 mortgage by $5000 a year.

“People are needlessly being denied the chance to buy a property while prices spiral rapidly out of their reach” ING Direct CEO Don Koch said. “There is an urgent need to provide more affordable options and borrowers should be able to choose whether they want to repay the capital, or not.”

Mr Koch wants to position the bank as a “mortgage partner for life”, with borrowers carrying the same interest-only loan from property to property for as long as they wish, accumulating equity from rising house prices as they go.

Then, as they near retirement, they could sell their property for a big enough profit to pay off the original loan and buy a smaller place outright, leaving them mortgage-free. Or, they could keep the mortgage going and repay the original capital from their estate, after death.

Banks already offer interest-only loans, but borrowers often are allowed to keep them only for five to 10 years. Then they must start paying the capital.

But ING says this preoccupation with paying off the loan is unnecessary.

“There is no economic reason for banks to insist on regular capital repayment,” Mr Koch said. “It just makes the loan more expensive for the borrower.

Financial comparison website InfoChoice CEO Shaun Cornelius said the move was a welcome innovation: “Depending on the size of the loan, it could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to a borrower’s cash flow over their lifetime.”

Economic Idiocy

Koch’s proposal, seconded by CEO Shaun Cornelius of InfoChoice, is economic idiocy at its finest. No one “saves” anything by not paying down mortgages, the money is simply spent (most likely wasted) elsewhere. Moreover, home prices do not perpetually go up.

The US housing market has without a doubt proven both statements.

Ask any homeowner in the US who is headed for retirement and severely underwater on their home what they think of Koch’s hypothesis.

With so many underwater mortgages, only a complete fool think estates would be in a position to repay the original capital from their estate, after death, especially in countries where the bubble has not yet popped, such as Australia, Canada, and China.

Of all the proposals to keep the housing bubble alive in Australia, especially in light of what has happened in the US, this idea from ING needs to go straight to the top of the idiotic ideas list.

ING Direct CEO Don Koch is testament to the idea “there is always the greater idiot who never learns a thing from history, who instead proposes to do something that the market has recently proven preposterous.”

Simple Questions

By the way Mr. Koch, I have a few simple questions for you:

Are you aware of what interest rates were in the 1970’s and 1980’s?

“What happens when interest rates rise, perhaps even double, and your borrowers struggle to make even the interest payments?”

Alternatively, “Are you dumb enough to offer low rates forever?”

Either way. Mr. Koch, you and your banks are screwed, and it should not take a genius to figure that out.

Easy Honey Garlic Salmon

easy honey garlic salmon is a throw together recipe in one pan and a handful of ingredients!

A perfect sweet and savoury 5-ingredient garlicky sauce with a hint of lemon will become your family’s new salmon obsession. Honey Garlic Salmon = dinner ready in under 15 minutes, including prep time!

It’s no secret you all are loving this Browned Butter Honey Garlic Salmon two years after first posting it way back when Cafe Delites was still a baby. With the success of this video on Facebook, a few readers have been writing in asking if there is any possible way to avoid browning butter.

This Salmon Recipe is it.


The Jordan Team have been serving the mortgage needs of their clients since 1982 and in Colorado since 1985. They are consistently ranked in the top 1% of mortgage lenders nationally year after year.  Their goal is quite simple…  listen to their client’s needs,  educate the client so they understand all the variables that should be considered in their financing decision and then help them determine the best course of action to meet those needs.  From 1st time home buyers to the experienced investor, The Jordan Team has the experience, the knowledge, the products and the pricing to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.  The Jordan Team motto is “Our family helping yours”.   Give them a call today and experience the difference that the Jordan Team and Nova Home Loans can make for you!